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Alte Meister Wien

"ALTE MEISTER" is a theatre group of senior citizens founded in 2017 under the direction of Sandy Tomsits, which has already been invited to the International Senior Theatre Festival "mittendrin" in Andelsbuch (Vlbg.) with its first production "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten -reloaded".


Give and keep - send and receive - the aim is to connect the DIGITAL world with the anaLOGIC world artistically to create an ARTDIGILOG. The principle of collage is the design and basis for action.


Acoustic recycling of existing sound is the goal of this AUDIO LETTER. Words, music, sounds - little listening experiments.

Edition ArtLibre

Woman and man do what they can't stop, initiate books and other printed works, get them on their way. Again and again, irregularly, but still. Without artists with commitment and empathy for the art book or for art in general, of course, this would not work. But fortunately, passionate people meet more often than one might think.

Klimaclown Hugo

In schools or at home, at work and in the communities, everywhere there are more and more people, who know that climate protection is very important and that we can all do a lot to protect it!


All living things on our planet need food. We are currently the only living being with the need for a second food: "The spiritual food". One of our forms of intake is READING in its various possibilities: Reading, reading out and reading in, reading over or against, reading between the lines and READING RISKS: In doing so, otherwise hidden worlds of images and text become visible.

props.co - Verein Film Theater

Props.co: that's one million rental props on three floors; 3,400 m² stacked with small equipment from the time from 1800. props.co are also: six people with many years of experience in props and equipment, with a passion for film - and for the small, inanimate things that help bring it to life.


In recent years, senior citizens' theatre has developed into an important area of cultural engagement for older people. More and more older people are finding new challenges and opportunities for development in this type of cultural activity, but also the creation of meaning and social integration.


SUPERTRAMPS is a social initiative that organises thematic city walks in Vienna, guided by (formerly) homeless people. The project is run by the non-profit organisation "SUPERTRAMPS - Association for the Support of Homeless and Excluded People". It was founded in 2015 by Katharina Turnauer. 

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